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REVIEW: The Wartime Sisters by Lynda Cohen Loigman

Sisters Ruth and Millie, a few years apart in age, are at odds with one another through almost 30 years of life. Ruth, the older, is noted as reliable, responsible, plain and boring. Millie is expected to get by with her looks and her friendliness. Oh how Ruth resents Millie. WWII throws the sisters together again as Millie’s husband, Lenny, signs up to serve. Millie joins Ruth at the armory and takes a job. This period of time allows Millie to regain her footing and for Ruth to relax her defenses. Coming together as sisters, without rancor, is not easy for these two. I lay the blame for their differences with their mother who seems to be caused so much with her own actions and many words. 

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for providing me an ARC for a review in my own words.wartime


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REVIEW: The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson

The story begins with Alice-Ann as a 16-year old and the US just entering WWII.  The town in which the story is set sends a significant number of young men into the service on account of the war.  This has impact on everyone in town.  Alice-Ann takes time to make sure her long-time crush, Mack, knows she’ll be waiting for him.

Good letter correspondents at first, Mack’s letters eventually end and there is news of his demise during a fierce battle.  Alice-Ann, whose crush was known only to a few, must endure this quietly.

A friend’s brother, Carlton, returns early from the war due to an injury.  He and Alice-Ann form a new friendship as young adults as they bond through the war time.

Alice-Ann must reshape her vision of “true love” and decide the best path for her future.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me an ARC for a review in my own words.

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