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REVIEW: The Hideaway by Lauren Denton

Granddaughter Sara Jenkins returns to the homestead in Sweet Bay, Alabama following the death of her grandmother, Mags.  Sara was raised from about age 10 by Mags after the accidental death of Sara’s parents.  Sara couldn’t wait to escape her eccentric grandmother and found herself as a small business owner in New Orleans as a 20- and 30-something.  Mags, though, left the Hideaway homestead to Sara to be restored and either sold or loved.
During the restoration, Sara finds details of her grandmother’s life and open a whole new perspective for her on the real story behind the eccentric Mags.
I thought the story was interesting.  I was fine with how the chapters jumped around from Mags’ story to Sara’s story.


Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing me an ARC for a  review in my own words.


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REVIEW: God Bless Us Every One by Eva Marie Everson

Charlie Dixon is at a crossroads.  Having been released from her teaching job mid-year, she decides to move back home with her grandmother, Sis, and plan her next move.  Sis is delighted to have her, but Sis has reconnected with Charlie’s ex-con father and Sis isn’t sure what Charlie will make of this news.

Charlie teaches vocal music and has arrived in Testament just in time to help with the town’s Christmas play.  Charlie meets up with an old friend, Dusty, who helps her work through her feelings about Charlie’s father.

This was an easy read with a decent Christmas message.  I have enjoyed other books by author Everson and I expect to read more from her.

Thanks to Abingdon Press for providing me an ARC for a review in my own words.

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