REVIEW: Chapel Car Bride by Judith McCoy Miller

Chapel cars in the hills of West Virginia were a new piece of history for me. It made some sense that rail cars could travel and stay at the coal mining towns. In Chapel Car Bride, Hope Irvine leaves her aunt’s care in Pittsburgh to join her pastor father on his latest trip in the chapel car. Hope easily finds her place ministering alongside her father. She adds to the mission with her own gifts of music and as a children’s teacher.

Luke Hughes is a coal mining town resident from a line of coal miners. He soaks up the teachings of Pastor Irvine and finds his own way. We also meet the mine owner’s son, Kirby, who has quite a few hang-ups to work through. Read and learn both about the history and the young folks of this story.


Thanks to Judith McCoy Miller for teaching me about history and thanks to Bethany House for providing me an ARC for a review in my own words.


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