REVIEW: The First Gift by Ruth Logan Herne

Cassie Caruthers longs for a normal childhood.  Cassie lives in squalor and neglect with her widowed, alcoholic birth farther.  She is so detached from him that she calls him “the man.”  Social Services does some careful stepping to get Cassie into the school system and into a nurturing environment.  Through God’s providence, Kerry McHenry is her Kindergarten teacher.
We also meet Ray and Jake, both men aim to win Kerry’s heart.  Ray, an oncologist, is wrapped up in himself and doesn’t appreciate the gift of Kerry.  Jake, who works for the sheriff’s department, is widowed with his two, biracial little boys.  He’s just coming back to the dating scene and wants to protect his sons from any flighty romances of his.
Enjoy this unfolding story as new relationships are formed.
The First Gift by Ruth Logan Herne
Thanks to Franciscan Media for providing me an ARC for a review in my own words.

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