REVIEW: Fetching Sweetness by Dana Mentink

Stephanie is working hard to become a respected literary agent. The story opens as she is trying to convince a reclusive author to turn over a new manuscript to her agency.  Unfortunately, the author’s dog, Sweetness, runs off during the meeting.  The author charges Stephanie with finding and returning the dog to her before they can complete the meeting.  The author lives quite a ways away and leaves the meeting location without her dog.  Stephanie, who has seen just a glimpse of the dog, is stunned by her assignment to recover Sweetness.  Into the picture comes media mogul Rhett Hastings.  He’s at a crossroads in his life as he considers his broken relationship with his sister and how to readjust his life’s work.  Rhett reluctantly offers to help Stephanie, a stranger to him, find the dog and then deliver the dog to the author.

Stephanie and Rhett are both chasing dreams that may not be their own.  This is a great story about a couple 30-something people who are reevaluating where they are and what God is calling them to do.

Fetching Sweetness - eBook  -     By: Dana Mentink

Thanks to Harvest House Publishers for providing me an ARC for a review in my own words.



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