REVIEW: Mercer Girls

Asa Mercer had a plan to bring civilization to the Seattle area by bringing marriageable women from the East Coast to the West Coast.  He wanted to bring 700 women to the area to settle down society.  This happened during the end of the Civil War.  In the Mercer Girls we meet the first group of women who made the trip.  For desperate reasons, the women signed up to leave their difficult circumstances on the East Coast.  Jo, Sophronia, and Dovey each represent different types of women.  Jo flees a hurtful husband.  Sophrina needs to spread the gospel and improve her marriage chances.  Dovey escapes a controlling father.  Dovey, though, is about 15 years old when the story begins…is she old enough to know what she’s doing?
The author kept the story entertaining and filled with historical facts. I enjoyed the glimpse into Seattle society in the late 1860s.  Having visited there, the story was more meaningful to me as we saw historical sites and learned about some settler history on our trip.
Mercer Girls by Libbie Hawker
Thanks to Lake Union Publishing for providing me an ARC to give a review in my own words.

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