REVIEW: Forever Safe by Jody Hedlund

Victoria Cole appears again in a lighthouse series story by Jody Hedlund.  All grown now, Victoria has a commitment problem and Nathaniel is the third in a row to propose and yet lose her right before the wedding.  This time, though, it isn’t Victoria’s fault.  Her father and her bodyguard conspire to protect her after a couple kidnapping attempts.  She is not convinced of the need to be so far from civilization as she is hauled off to the northern point of Cape Code to a lighthouse.  Bodyguard Tom Cushman, though, knows that’s a great vantage point for protecting his charge.  Contracted to “keep it professional”, Tom is challenged repeatedly by his own parents who reside at the lighthouse.

Jody’s lighthouse series gives readers a variety of female lead characters.  All of whom are enjoyable in their own way.  Victoria is spoiled, but has the chance to redeem herself.  Will she find true love?

Forever Safe (Beacons of Hope #4)

Thanks to Jody Hedlund and Northern Lights Press for an ARC to review in my own words.


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