REVIEW: Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen

Mimi Miller of Miller’s Valley grows up in a small community with strong ties.  Her family homestead is located in the flood plain and Mimi in sure, in high school, that the government has a plan to slowly flood out the residents.  Mimi’s parents are at odds over leaving the farm.  And, then there’s Aunt Ruth who is reclusive and lives in a small house on the same property.  Mimi’s brother, Tommy, has a learning disability and then PTSD from his military service and the war and never regains his place.  The older brother, Ed, is the first to get out of the valley and his perspective is more accepting, more like the mother’s point-of-view.

I thought Mimi and her mom were both very strong women. As a nurse, mom sees more than most and is able to keep confidences.  She doesn’t speak out about Mimi’s life choices, but she sure pushes for education.  I think mom has a tough life with a loving but stubborn husband.  Mimi gets strength from her mom and compassion from her dad.

Then there are the childhood friends of LaRhonda (what a pain!) and Donald (what a joy!).

Anna Quindlen has once again written a saga about regular family life, with its bumps, bruises and joys.  Pick up the book and enjoy the ride.  Thanks to NetGalley for providing me an ARC for a review in my own words.


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