REVIEW: Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund

Luther and Katharina

Luther and Katharina

Engaging and informative, Luther and Katharina brings the 1500s to live. This is the time of the Protestant Reformations throughout Europe. The rising protestant groups were at great odds with the Catholic Church which is THE POWER behind the Holy Roman Empire in this time period. Imagine the power behind that force; and, how challenging to be Martinus Luther, the organizer and key developer of the movement. I thought the scenes were vivid throughout the story.

Katharina, a noble woman by birth, was dumped it a convent as a child. At the beginning of the story, she organizes an escape for several nuns. In her mid-20s she despairs of her future beyond the convent but trusts in God to provide her path. Other minor characters lend more depth to the story of the nuns’ escape and difficulties finding new places in society.

Martinus Luther a/k/a Martin Luther, has left the priesthood himself as he finds the church corrupt and misleading to the people. In his mission, given by God, he needs to reform the church with the help of supporters across many classes and countries. He has to find a way to peace between the princes and the peasant class in a time period when station of life was extremely important. With a bounty on his head, Luther is not interested in marriage and a family. He realizes the great risk and possible distraction that such a life could bring.

I appreciated Author Jody Hedlund’s attention to detail within the story. At the end of the book, she shares the fact and fiction parts of the story. Thankfully she was true to as many facts as possible. This book is a love story and a survival story. It’s a book where God is first and man’s wishes are second. Fabulous read!

Thanks to Waterbrook Press for providing me an ARC for a review in my own words.

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  1. I too appreciated Jody Hedlund’s attention to detail. She writes it as authentically as possible within the confines of fiction. Wonderful story, wonderful review!

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