REVIEW: Hearts Made Whole by Jody Hedlund

This is an independent story in the Beacons of Hope series by Jody Hedlund.  One need not read the books in order for it to make sense.  This time we follow Caroline Taylor, a 20-year-old lighthouse keeper by necessity after the sudden death of her father.  She also heads up the household with the help of her younger sister, Tessa.  They take care of a sickly teen sister Sarah and twin brothers who are about 10 years old.  Imagine the responsibility and yet stability that the lighthouse job gives Caroline.  Unfortunately, this is 1865 Michigan and the supervisor of the lighthouses wants no part of a female keeper.  So, he gives her job away to a Civil War veteran, Ryan Chambers.  This change sets Caroline’s family off-kilter as they try to figure out how to survive without the job and home that comes with being a lighthouse keeper.

Ryan comes with post-war issues which are physical limitations and a dependence on pain medicine with an alcohol chaser. He also has some war regrets that color his purpose.  Through the story, I appreciated that the author kept Ryan’s issues up-front.  He needed to make significant changes with God and his current circumstances in order to move forward.

Thank you, Jody Hedlund, for providing a great read.  The “based on” information at the end of the story was interesting, too.


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