REVIEW: Perfect Timing by Cindy Bingham

Pepper is the main character and she is a Penn State graduating senior with her eyes set on medical school.  She believes that the Penn State football scandal has hindered her chances of a medical degree at the program of her choice and she is bitter.  Additionally, because her mother abandoned she and her father when Pepper was a baby, Pepper feels quite strongly that God is not a factor for her.  She has been given lousy situations and she is annoyed.  Anna and her older brother Zeke happen upon Pepper after a drunken mistake.  Thankfully they see her safely home and their world opens up new opportunities for Pepper to consider.

I felt the story flowed smoothly.  Pepper and Zeke have both been given true, human characteristics.  Pepper angers easily and Zeke shows his temper and impatience sometimes, too.  Sure, it’s a love story, but author Bingham has given us flawed humans as the main characters.  It lends a sense of reality to the story.

Perfect Timing by Cindy Bingham

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