REVIEW: Still Life by Christa Parrish

Katherine and Ada are the main characters of this story. Katherine finds herself given a second chance as she gives up her airplane seat to a man who desperately wants to get home for his wife’s birthday. The plane crashes and our story begins. Ada is the grieving widow, the wife of the man, Julian, who took that offered plane seat. Ada’s story is complex as her husband was compelled by God to marry her and remove her from the cult in which she grew up. Julian loves her unconditionally but their marriage has been short – not even one year. Though socially awkward and uncomfortable with modern society, Ada goes in search of the people behind Julian’s award-winning photos. It helps shape her new life. Katherine, however, gave up her seat to spend more time with her lover. This could destroy her family and her marriage. How does Katherine respond to this second chance at life by having missed the doomed plane?

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for an advance copy to read for a review in my own words.

Still Life by Christa Parrish

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