REVIEW: Daughter of the Regiment by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Maggie and Libby find themselves on opposite side of the Civil War as it erupts in Littleton, MO.  Missouri itself cannot decide whether to ally with the North or the South and the residents seem to wish the war would just steer clear of their area.  Nonetheless, sides are chosen and a battle ensues.

Maggie is a farm girl who goes after the Federal (Union) Irish Brigade when she finds one of her brothers’ names on an injured list.  She finds that she can be a great asset to the regiment with her skill sets.  Libby’s brother signs up their plantation as a hospital to save it from destruction.  She, too, discovers that she has unique skills to aid in helping with the wounded.

Whitson’s notes at the end of the book were one of my favorite parts.  She explains how she stumbled into the story idea by visiting a small tourist spot in Missouri.  With research and some author’s license for fiction, she was able to give us a picture of how the war may have been in Missouri.

Thanks to FaithWords for providing me an advance copy to review in my own words.

Daughter of the Regiment by Stephanie Grace Whitson


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