REVIEW: The Same Sky by Amanda Eyre Ward

Carla, a preteen from Honduras, and Alice, a 40-something, childless but married woman, both have a great desire for a complete family.

Carla leads an incredibly difficult life of poverty in Honduras.  Her mother has left the family to find work in the US.  She sends money regularly, along with some clothes and very important shoes.  However, she is able to only send enough money for one of her three children to be transported to the US to join her.  After several heart-wrenching turn-of-events, Carla (at 12!) decides to undertake the perilous journey to enter the US and find her mother.

Alice feels adrift from her husband due to a series of failed infertility treatments and a withdrawn adoption.  She is searching for a way to be a mother and it includes some investment of time with a wayward teen.

Alice and Carla, who live under the same sky, are brought together in an amazing way by God’s hand.  I will think differently about the children who stream across the border into the southwest US.  Wow.

The Same Sky by Amanda Eyre Ward

This was an ARC for which I’ve provided a review in my own words.


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