REVIEW: Love Comes Home by Ann Gabhart

Years ago I read the first part of this story in a book called Angel Sister.  In this new story, Love Comes Home, you are taken about 10 years into the future as all the girls have grown up.  Kate, Tori and Evie are young married women, embarking on motherhood and careers due to the war. Their young husbands were sent off to WWII in the intervening years and this book is set at the close of the war when the men are returning.  Adopted Lorena is in her mid-teens and becoming something of a singing sensation.  Centered on the sisters, the book follows the joys and tears of the reunions and deaths that are part of war’s legacy.

This book also brings back Fern and Aunt Hattie who are both supportive of the community in their own unique ways.  There was great heartache in the story, along with tremendous relief and love.  I must admit that I was wiping away tears for the last chapter where Fern has them in the woods.  Wonderful storytelling, Ann Gabhart!

Thanks to Revell for providing me an advance copy for a review in my own words.

Love Comes Home


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