REVIEW: A Dream of Home by Amy Clipston

This book is part of a series by Ms. Clipston that is set in modern times but within the Amish culture in Lancaster, PA area. Reeling from the death of her fiance, Englisher Madeleine moves into the modest home her Amish grandparents left to her. Madeleine hopes to regain her footing after losing her fiance and also after returning from service in the war as a nurse. A modern woman, Madeleine finds that she enjoys the peacefulness of the Amish community. Widower Saul and his preteen daughter Emma live next door. Saul is reluctant to allow his daughter to get too close to Madeleine as he does not want English influences on his daughter. He wants to raise her properly and keep Emma in the community. He is cautious yet drawn to Madeleine. Saul and Madeleine both have topsy-turvy past love experiences that make them wary of one another.
Since Madeleine spent summers with her Amish grandparents, she is familiar with the Amish customs and some of the dialect spoken. That helps her integrate into the community more smoothly. Madeleine needs to determine where her to find her home and her heart.
Thanks to Zondervan for providing me an advance copy for a review in my own words.

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