REVIEW: All Right Here by Carre Armstrong Gardner

Ivy and Nick are soon to encounter a crossroads in their marriage.  Nick, very orderly and predictable and cold, joins with Ivy in fostering three children they find locked outside of their house next door.  Nick makes no secret of his resentment over Ivy’s inability to conceive and carry a baby of their own.  Nick’s family is a piece of work, too.  No wonder Ivy is ready for a change.  The three children are the only African-Americans in town and that is a challenge for Nick’s family, too.  Thankfully, it is not any problem for Ivy or Nick.  Ivy and Nick each have several siblings with their own issues.  The book lands you some family drama with lots of room for expansion of the series.  I really enjoyed this book, though I’m not sure my review here it doing it justice.  Stop in and spend some time with the Darling/Mason family.

I received an advance copy from Tyndale House Publishers to review in my own words.


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  1. This book sounds very interesting.

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