REVIEW: The Lady and the Officer by Mary Ellis

As the story opens, Union widow Madeline Howard suffers the loss of her horses, home, and means of living.  Demanding the return of at least one of her horses from the Union, she searches for General James Downing who is stationed in Gettysburg for the famous and terrible battle.  There meeting is star-crossed in its timing since Madeline must flee the area as her resources are depleted.  And, General Downing must stay with his troops for the next two years at least.

Lady & Officer

Her nearest relatives are Clarisa and John in Richmond, Virginia. Madeline is received warmly in their home, with some wariness from other Richmond residents because she is a Northerner in their midst. 

Colonel Elliot Haywood, a Confederate officer and friend of her aunt/uncle, becomes a strong ally of Madeline. In love with Madeline, he tries repeatedly to win her favor. She maintains always that she is only interested in friendship. 

To stay true to the North, Madeline undertakes some spy activities.  Later realizing the pain of the war for all sides, she self-examines her motives and actions.

Thank you to Harvest House for providing me an advance copy for review.  I will be looking for more books by Mary Ellis.


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