REVIEW: Saving Amelie by Cathy Gohlke

Rachel Kramer travels every other year from the US to Germany for a medical physical.  In her early 20s, Rachel hasn’t thought too much about this in the past, but it is now the beginning of WWII and her father still insists they travel to Germany.  A scientist and physician, her father takes her this time, with no intent to return.  Rachel is thankfully a sharp thinker and she discovers many hidden secrets of pre-war and early war Germany.  Jason Young, an American newspaperman, proves to be a necessary ally for survival in wartime.  To add to the mix, young Amelie is entrusted to Rachel.  As a deaf child, Amelie is considered a misfit and must be removed.  Although this is fiction, the author includes notes at the end which explain which parts are historical (Hitler and Bonhoeffer along with all the locations of concentration/work camps.)  To me the book provides a look at more of the twisted concepts of the war.  It is an excellent read.

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me a copy to review.  This is a review in my own words.


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