REVIEW: Maybelle in Stitches by Joyce Magnin


I just love how author Joyce Magnin brings characters to life.  They are regular people with love, laughter, aches and pain.  Maybelle and her cast of characters are in Philadelphia working at the Sun factory where they work on battleships during WW II.  Their husbands are away in the war effort and the women pick up the slack at the factories.  It’s a national effort to support the troops, ration and build war items like battleships.  Maybelle loses her mom at the beginning of the story and faces one heartache after another with her friends.  To give themselves hope and support through a small group, 4-6 women join forces to work on the “the Hope” which is a crazy quilt created from pieces Maybelle finds when cleaning out her late mother’s room.  The material scraps give Maybelle and her friends a way to reminisce and build a treasure for the future.  The story provides a peek into about six months of time as Maybelle and the other women struggle to make it on the homefront.


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