REVIEW: The Winner’s Game by Kevin Alan Milne

Stress and more stress as the Bennett family hopes and waits for a new heart for oldest daughter, Ann.  (A family friend who was recently and successfully on the transplant list made this story of anxiety and determination one that is close to my heart.)  The story is told from the point-of-view of each of the family members:  Dell, Emily, Ann, Bree and Cade.  Each person experiences the stress in a different way and the children each desire to just go back to a normal life.  A summer change of scenery at the family home in Cannon Beach, Oregon is supposed to be a chance for them to make memories, escape from the mounting stress at their Portland home, and time for Dell and Emily to separate for a while and try to determine how much they want to fight for their marriage.  We also have Emily’s gramma (the home owner) in the story as a stroke victim in the nearby nursing home who is nearing her end of life.  Her wisdom turns the tide for the family.  It’s a gripping modern story of what families in these circumstances face.  You’ll be rooting for them and understanding their viewpoints at the same time.  Read and learn.


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