REVIEW: Runaway Saint by Lisa Sampson

I’ve read several Lisa Sampson books and I know that she provides the reader with great depth of story in her novels.  She uses the main characters, and their fears and flaws, to give the reader a chance to connect and experience the journey with them.  Runaway Saint can be read at the surface or more greatly enjoyed by taking advantage of the nuggets inside the story. Main character Sara is unhappy or perhaps just discontent.  She struggles to find her version of Jesus in the story and realizes that Jesus is different for everyone.  Long-lost Aunt Bel certainly struggles.  This fabulous story unravels a lot of hurt and a great deal of love as we wonder if the family can reconnect.  The auxiliary characters like Sara’s parents, Finn, the print shop staff and Holly also show us their human sides and give us even more ways to see our friends or our coworkers in these parts.  A great story to be read when you’re ready for some introspection.

Some stories are fiction and some stories are literature…I list this one to the elevated shelf of

Thanks to netgalley for arranging a review copy for me, to be provided in my own words.


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