REVIEW: Dining, Dating and Desperation by Melody Carlson

ImageFollow Daphne through book 2 (out of 4) in the Dear Daphne series.  In this second installment, Daphne has settled into a routine as the “Dear Daphne” columnist and even spends time working on her first novel.  As readers would know from book 1, her deceased aunt/grandmother’s will has a “must marry by” condition.  Although concerned about that condition in book 1, we find a more relaxed Daphne in book 2.  Sabrina and Mabel are two new character additions.  Sabrina is larger-than-life and seems like she might be a neighbor people might hide from, to escape her high energy level.  Mabel is a down-on-her-luck little girl who desperately needs an “Aunt Daphne” in her life.  We also meet a new round of single men who could be contenders for Daphne’s marriage condition.  It’s a fabulous story that once again leaves you wanting the next book to see how things turn out for all the characters.


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