REVIEW: Greetings from the Flipside by Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay

ImageThis book was a challenging read.  I enjoyed it much more after I searched out some reviews to understand if what I thought was happening, really was happening.  Hope Landon is jilted on her wedding day and also the victim of a random crime.  It puts her into a coma and she ends up in the hospital for about a month.  The story is told from the her fantasy coma world point-of-view and that of Jack, the real-time, long-ago, school friend who sits devotedly by her bedside.  I love Bette, the nurse, who encourages both Hope and Jack during this ordeal.  Bette does coma stimulation therapy to try and bring Hope back to them.  Later in the book she explains to Hope that some of the surroundings of her hospital stay such as smells, noises, conversations, likely played into her dreams.  Quite humorous, once you know what is going on. The greeting card and florist careers/dreams of the two main characters plays into the lightness of the story, too. This book is a lively story and an encouraging one about coma patients.  Thanks to B&H Books for allowing me to read and review this story.

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