REVIEW: Lock, Stock and Over a Barrel by Melody Carlson

Journalist Daphne Ballinger returns to Appleton, the mid-West town where she grew up.  Having been away for 12 or so years, she sees the town with new eyes and thankfully leaps into the opportunity to spend time there.  Her city to small-town life changes so much and so much for the better.  Daphne is a likely character with whom many readers will relate.  Join her in her new Appleton adventures.  She has returned to her widowed dad, a good high school friend, and a slew of single men.  In the story she has a chance to remake her life and take time out to assess and adjust her path.  To find out more about her story, I’m off to find the next book, which I believe is “Dating, Dining, and Desperation” and coming out soon!  I really enjoyed the story.

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