REVIEW: Merry Humbug Christmas by Sandra Bricker

What great fun to read this at Christmas!  The book is two stories in one about two friends, Merry and Reese, and their experience with Christmas one season.  Both are anxious to escape the normal Christmas hubbub due to old memories and what they think are their unusual family histories.  Merry (who changed her name to Joss) signed up for a “bah, humbug” cruise that was cancelled due to lack of travelers.  Never fear, though, because she is automatically rebooked on a Christmas cruise.  Reese, who tries to avoid her Florida-based family due to their vegan and hippie followings, goes for a long holiday trip with her new fiancée to meet and stay with his WHOLE extended family.  Wow, the escapades in that story!  I think the reader expects a happy ending and Sandra Bricker doesn’t disappoint.  Getting there, though, is the fun of both stories.  It’s a very enjoyable read!

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