REVIEW: The Girl in the Glass by Susan Meissner

girl glass

Meg, Sophia, and Nora are the main characters of this book.  Each woman is from a different generation and each one experienced brokenness in her childhood.  It took some time to get into the rhythm of the book with the switches back and forth of which character you are tracking.  Once you have the flow figured out, you can anticipate the next chapter of each story.  The stories weave together when you consider how each girl was raised.  The Nurse in the story deserves a parenting award for her encouragement of the forgotten Nora.  Her lessons helped sustain Sophia as well. Meg learns a great deal on her self-discovery trip to Florence and it able to return home with a sense of peace about her father and herself.  Not knowing the city of Florence myself, I was intrigued by the abundance of art in one place.  I cannot comment on the accuracy of that part, but it made me curious to see the city.  The author has written another story of history intwined with the modern day.  I enjoy her books because they tell a story and they teach.  I would have classified it as historical fiction and not Christian fiction, though.  WaterBrook Press provided me a copy for a review in my own words.


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